Course Description

Course Description
DeanAre you new or fairly new to computers? If so, this is the course for you. You will learn all the basics, including mouse and keyboard skills, internet and emails.
This course will include suitable websites for those looking for jobs and managing day to day life. It will cover how to register with Universal Jobmatch, how to use filters to narrow down your search and print the results. Learn how to get on to the Internet, use search techniques, how to ‘Google’ for information and jobs and print what you find. Create an email account, learn the basics to send and receive emails.

Prosp Description
HammondBy the end of the course you should be able to:
• Switch on the computer, use the mouse/touchpad/touchscreen and keyboard to interact with the computer system
• Use the Internet to find specific information, e.g. Google, Medway council, Universal Jobmatch and other job websites
• Create an email account to send and receive emails

Learners will:
These Course Aims are covered in the following lessons:
1. Welcome, use the computer, mouse and keyboard. Use Google to find websites
2. How to get on-line, terminology and more on Google and printing a webpage
3. Visit your local Council and other useful web sites for life and jobs. Stay safe on-line
4. Use selections/filters on websites to narrow down what you find. Create an email account
5. Practice sending/receiving emails and improve your typing skills
6. Use your email address to create on-line accounts with job sites including Universal Jobmatch. Find out what to do next…

Prosp Learn
This entry-level course is suitable for the beginner with very little or no prior knowledge of computers. Discover computing in a relaxed and supportive environment and learn how to use a computer in an enjoyable, hands-on way. It is designed to raise confidence and provide a foundation for further study.

A good standard of spoken and written English is required and it is essential to be able to follow and understand verbal and written instructions, write in full sentences using punctuation and be able to plan, draft and proofread your work.
You may wish to bring your own fully-charged tablet or laptop after the first week so you can practice on your own device. Note that most of the locations that we use do have wi-fi available but the quality cannot be guaranteed.
You will need to bring in your mobile phone to create an email address in the first lesson. During the process, they will send a text message with an activation code – note they don’t share your number and don’t send any other messages.
Please bring a pen to make personal study notes. An A4 ring binder to keep Handouts in will also be useful.

Extra practice always helps; an hour or two each week will be beneficial. You do not need to have a computer at home, however, as you can use public access computers at all libraries for free.
Prosp Anything Else
There are no additional costs. Prosp Additional Costs
You may wish to progress to the Digital Skills for Improvers, which allows you to revise your internet skills using more advanced sites. Learn how to communicate by email with friends, family and recruitment services. Revise how to create and send emails, then how to print and reply, how to open emails sent to you and download attachments such as job application forms.
Alternatively, progress on to the Entry 3 Award in Using ICT Skills to gain a nationally recognized qualification. Specialist advice is available from your tutor to help you identify the best course for you.

If you wish to explore your learning, work or career options, you can speak to a fully trained careers advisor on 0800 100 900. https://nationalcareersservice.direct.gov.uk

If you need further advice please telephone 01634 338400.
Prosp After
In order to get the most out of your course you will need to attend as many sessions as possible. We recommend at least 90%. If you do have a holiday booked during term time please let the tutor know in advance so that we can help you catch up on missed sessions and ensure that you still achieve the course outcomes. If you are unavoidably ill or unable to attend please contact 01634 338400 so that we can let your tutor know, and so they can send you any work you may have missed Prosp Attendance
3.00 hrs per session
4 session(s)