Course Description

Course Description
This course is designed as a fantastic short introduction to the world of work. It is great for learners who are looking to develop and formalise new and existing skills. The content relates to working in a range of industries and encourages learners to consider their personal skills and qualities. Prosp Description
The course is split into units of assessments. All learners must complete the mandatory unit – Understanding mindset. This unit requires learners to consider what kind of mindset employers are looking for and qualities learners already have.
Learners must complete other optional units to the value 4 credits in order to achieve. Units available to choose from include:
Understanding motivation
Dealing with your first days at work
Setting yourself targets
How to keep improving
Problem solving at work
Creative thinking
Coping with change
Taking part in a project
Prosp Learn
This course is fantastic if you are looking for work or a change of a career. It will give you guidance and tips on how to present yourself, highlight your skills and resolve problems. Prosp Suitable
This course is run entirely online. You will receive support from a tutor during the course, but you will not need to come into a centre Prosp Anything Else
No. This course is free of charge, subject to eligibility. Prosp Additional Costs
Learners who achieve these qualifications could progress to:
• Level 2 Certificate in Business Administration
• Level 2 Diploma in Team Leading
• Employment in a wide range of sectors
Prosp After
This is an online course. You can work on it at any time of the day. You must complete the course within 12 weeks. Prosp Attendance
The course is entirely delivered online. Learners will need to have access to a good internet connection and a computer. Learners will also need good IT skills. If learners are interested in developing their IT skills further we have a number of Digital Skills courses available that may help.
The courseware is a pdf booklet that learners will read and then learners can go onto the website and answer questions to demonstrate their understanding. Learners may wish to print the booklet, but this is not necessary.
Prosp Ictskills
Learners are encouraged to work safely. Poor positioning of equipment can lead to Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). Discover more about safe ways to work with computer equipment here:
Prosp Health
Learners will receive guidance on how to access the course online. Support will be provided by tutors via email. Prosp Elearn