Course Description

Course Description
Due to the current and evolving situation with Covid 19, the delivery methods of this course are subject to change. There may be times when the lessons will be held remotely, via live video calls, use of our Moodle area, private social media groups etc. By signing up to the course you are agreeing to this wide range of teaching and learning approaches; the lessons will be held in classrooms where this is usually the case, when it is safe to do so, and may be switched to online as the need arises.

The aim of this course is to develop learners’ language skills and awareness of public services that are necessary to go on and train as community interpreters at level 3 and 4. Learners will develop skills such as assertiveness and understand how to seek voluntary bilingual work. Volunteering work placements are highly recommended, but are optional. However, volunteering will also help to prepare learners who are looking to progress onto higher level study.
Prosp Description
The aim of this course is to enable learners to:
1 To develop public service awareness and knowledge
2 To develop language skills in preparation for training as community interpreters
3 To develop listening and assertiveness skills in preparation for further community interpreting study and work
4 To develop volunteering experience in the community
Prosp Learn
This course is designed for those who would like to train to become a community interpreter in the future. It is ideal for those who need to develop their language skills and public service knowledge. It is great for learners who are already have some voluntary interpreting experience or are looking for some further training in community interpreting. Prosp Suitable
• Learners will need to attend an Advice and Guidance meeting prior to enrolling.
• You will need basic computer skills and the ability to use Google Documents. You may need to enrol on a computer course beforehand. Please check with the team in your advice and guidance interview
• Learners are fully supported to achieve their goals and we strive to be an inclusive provider
• Learners need to be aware that there will be some homework set and individual research to undertake as part of their personal development
• You will need to bring a notepad, pen and folder for storing your resources.
Prosp Anything Else
This course is free if you meet the funding criteria for example are unemployed and on a recognised benefit or earning less than £16,010 per annum. Prosp Additional Costs
Learners are positively encouraged to progress onto other qualifications such as:
Level 3 Certificate in Community Interpreting
Entry Level 3 Award in Using ICT Skills
Level 1 Award in Preparing to Work in Adult Social Care
Level 1 Award in Mental Health Awareness

You tutor will be happy to provide advice with this.
If you wish to explore your learning, work or career options, you can speak to a fully trained careers advisor on 0800 100 900. https://nationalcareersservice.direct.gov.uk

If you need further advice please telephone 01634 338400.
Prosp After
In order to get the most out of your course you will need to attend as many sessions as possible. We recommend at least 90%. If you do have a holiday booked during term time please let the tutor know in advance so that we can help you catch up on missed sessions and ensure that you still achieve the course outcomes. If you are unavoidably ill or unable to attend please contact 01634 338400 so that we can let your tutor know, and so they can send you any work you may have missed Prosp Attendance
3.00 hrs per session
21 session(s)