Course Description

Course Description
Due to the current and evolving situation with Covid 19, the delivery methods of this course are subject to change. There may be times when the lessons will be held remotely, via live video calls, use of our Moodle area, private social media groups etc. By signing up to the course you are agreeing to this wide range of teaching and learning approaches; the lessons will be held in classrooms where this is usually the case, when it is safe to do so, and may be switched to online as the need arises.

2 x 3 hours per week for 15 weeks

This course is intended for candidates who want to learn communication and active listening skills to enhance their interaction with others in voluntary, employed or personal situations. It is aimed at people where communication and active listening is an integral part of their role. Completion of this course will give you the title of ‘Skilled Helper’ as a stand-alone qualification and the option to continue in counselling or coaching training. This will also be dependant on tutor reference.

This qualification is designed to give learners the underpinning knowledge, skills and competencies to use counselling skills ethically and safely in a variety of contexts and roles.

This qualification could lead to employment or increase employability for those whose role is to support others in e.g. health and social care work, teaching and learning, advocacy and mediation, support and project work, other helping roles.

It provides additional skills for those already in employment likely to lead to increased opportunities for promotion and advancement.
Prosp Description
• To use listening and responding skills effectively within a safe and ethical framework
• To establish and sustain boundaries of the listening role
• The meaning and challenges of empathy
• The importance of self-awareness, reflection and feedback
• How your own personality, history and ways of relating impact your interactions

There will be an interview and assessment date to be attended. You need literacy skills (be able to follow written and verbal instructions, use alphabetical order, write coherent and structured essays and assignments) and numeracy skills (criteria is numerical based, journals and pages in each section numbered sequentially) IT Skills (all journals and assignments to be computer generated and presentations can be done on power point). You also need to be emotionally stable.
Counselling courses include elements of self-awareness, personal growth and development, this will involve self-reflection and sharing of possibly uncomfortable situations undertaken within the confines of the classroom with boundaries and rules set by learners. You will also be expected to give feedback to peers both on written work and practical skills. Due to the nature of the course all students are required to sign a confidentiality agreement at induction.
Although personal counselling is not a requirement at this level it is highly recommended and maybe specifically suggested to you if the tutor thinks it will enhance your support and development. Group and triad sessions are not a replacement for this.
Prosp Learn
This qualification is for:

- Those starting the first level of training as a professional counsellor
- Those who want to learn counselling skills in other professional or helping roles
- Those who want to improve their professional and personal relationships as part of personal development.
Prosp Suitable
A portfolio of work will be built up. Learners have to submit a weekly journal 500 -750 words, two written assignments, A presentation, two observed counselling skills practice sessions (one via transcribed video recording), set goals and review these and progress in your ILP.
Complete one external assessment (watching a 20 minute DVD of a helping session, then completing a one hour candidate feedback paper in relation to the DVD).
Learners will be expected to attend all sessions and be prepared to carry out homework as requested by the tutor, read the course text book and research topics and concepts explored on the course
You are undertaking a course that leads to a nationally regulated qualification on the Qualification and Credit Framework (QCF) awarded by the Counselling and Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body (CPCAB) - the only Ofqual approved awarding body to specialise in the field of counselling and supervision
(cpcab.co.uk) have an excellent website with any further information you may want.
Prosp Anything Else
You will need:
a computer and printer
to purchase your own stationery, including a folder and dividers and the course text book: Counselling Skills & Studies: available through CPCAB or Amazon websites.
a digital recorder for skills practice sessions
a memory stick.
Prosp Additional Costs
This course is a requirement to progressing to a Level 3 Counselling studies or Level 3 Life Coaching, this is discussed and researched fully during the year, and your progression will depend on how well you do in all aspects of this level.

If you wish to explore your learning, work or career options, you can speak to a fully trained careers advisor on 0800 100 900. https://nationalcareersservice.direct.gov.uk

If you need further advice, or to book an interview please telephone 01634 338400.
Prosp After
In order to get the most out of your course you will need to attend as many sessions as possible. We recommend at least 90%. If you do have a holiday booked during term time please let the tutor know in advance so that we can help you catch up on missed sessions and ensure that you still achieve the course outcomes. If you are unavoidably ill or unable to attend please contact 01634 338400 so that we can let your tutor know, and so they can send you any work you may have missed Prosp Attendance
You need to use the internet for some of your course - using a tablet, laptop or computer. The tutor will speak to you about useful websites, apps and online resources which you may be asked to use for homework. Prosp Ictskills
We try to make sure your class is as safe as possible. If you are worried about anything, please talk to your tutor or our Safeguarding Officer. Prosp Health
Please make sure you and everyone at home are fully dressed when you are joining classes online, and that no personal information (address, bank details) can be seen. Prosp Elearn
3.00 hrs per session
30 session(s)