Course Description

Course Description
You will make attractive examples of stained work and learn traditional techniques to cut, lead, solder, connect glass and create basic designs and match colours to create a unique and beautiful piece for your home or as a gift for family and friends.
There are a number of opportunities to exhibit the works you produce throughout the year at our Rochester centre gallery but also at other venues.
Prosp Description
Learners will:
1. Produce basic designs
2. Cut glass, lead and solder.
3. Copper foil, fuse and slump glass.
4. Make a simple attractive example of stained glass work.
5. Observe appropriate health & safety requirements in the Glass Art Studio as set out in the MAE ground rules /learner contract
Prosp Learn
If you are a continuing student you will be able to further develop your designs and produce more complex pieces.

You will need to bring a pen and notepad to the first class.
Prosp Anything Else
The tutor will advise you on materials required for the course on the first lesson. The first lesson is glass cutting please bring a 12” square of clear glass, 3mm thick.

You will be required to purchase your own glass and lead etc. Materials for the first project cost approximately £15.

You will need the following tools and equipment:
Glass cutter
cutting oil
grozing pliers
12 inch cutting square
lead knife
wire brush
horseshoe nails
straight edge
safety glasses.
Available from Kansacraft or Creative Glass
During the course there will be additional costs depending on what projects you have undertaken and the costs of these materials can be discussed with the tutor.
Prosp Additional Costs
After completing the course you can enrol on the next where your tutor will work with you to further develop your skills and techniques.

Medway Adult Education works with many partners locally such as UCA and the University of Kent; information about their courses can be found in our studios, café and on Moodle. Medway has an exciting and wide-range of events, exhibitions and activities to inspire and help you make further progress- please see the community noticeboards in the Rochester centre and again on Moodle. Your tutor will be able to talk through with your individual progression options.

If you wish to explore your learning, work or career options, you can speak to a fully trained careers advisor on 0800 100 900. https://nationalcareersservice.direct.gov.uk

If you need further advice please telephone 01634 338400.
Prosp After
In order to get the most out of your course you will need to attend as many sessions as possible. We recommend at least 90%. If you do have a holiday booked during term time please let the tutor know in advance so that we can help you catch up on missed sessions and ensure that you still achieve the course outcomes. If you are unavoidably ill or unable to attend please contact 01634 338400 so that we can let your tutor know, and so they can send you any work you may have missed Prosp Attendance
Learners are encouraged to use the Medway Adult Education Moodle. Many learners use digital cameras to record their work or, for inspirational images that they may later use as a reference. From time to time the tutor may give learners example websites linked to current theme or activity to extend the knowledge or learning undertaken in class. Prosp Ictskills
2.00 hrs per session
26 session(s)