Course Description

Course Description
Mixed Media : Beginners to Intermediate Progression.
The mixed media course aims to develop your confidence and creativity through working on a broad variety of subjects and themes, personal and set, using a wide range of art mediums and media, including 3 dimensional aspects. Learners will explore a range of contextual material including the work of artists and makers, to aid and develop student’s ideas and works.
Prosp Description
Learners will:
1. Looking and developing 2D and 3D work and incorporating into one piece of work.
2. Developing different media materials and techniques.
3.Developing drawing and painting skills to create at least one piece of work.
4.. Develop and produce one complete project

You will be assessed and advised throughout the course. The tutor will help you to
determine individual goals that you wish to achieve and this will be recorded on an individual
learning plan. On the course you will work towards achieving both the common goals of the
group and the individual tasks agreed with your tutor. Your individual learning plan will be
reviewed and updated to record your progress and to assist the tutor in planning subsequent
sessions that support the aspirations of each learner.

All learners will be expected to maintain both a sketchbook of their ideas and inspirations
and a portfolio of their work produced while on course.

EXHIBITION OPPORTUNITIES: There are opportunities to exhibit your work
throughout the year at both our Rochester Centre and other local venues.

Prosp Learn
This course in an excellent point to progress from beginner, for those who want to explore creativity or those with more experience that would like to try new/modern approaches and improve creativity. As well as improving art skills you will be encouraged to practise using sketchbook and undertake research to increase your knowledge and skills. Prosp Suitable
• Basic drawing equipment of your own choice (at least one HB pencil and a
rubber). Any relevant art materials that you have.
• A sketchbook (or you can purchase paper from the tutor at a minimal cost).
• It would be very useful to see a small collection of recent drawings or paintings,
but it is not essential if you do not have any to bring.

You will need to provide your own materials for most activities, though easels and
drawing boards will be provided at no additional cost. Various types of paper can be
purchased from the tutor (subject to availability) for a minimal fee.

However, if youdon’t have any of the materials listed above, wait until you have spoken to the tutor
before making purchases as the project will be discussed in the first lesson.

Prosp Additional Costs
Medway Adult Education works with many partners locally such as UCA and the
University of Kent; information about their courses can be found in our studios, café
and on Moodle. Medway has an exciting and wide-range of events, exhibitions and
activities to inspire and help you make further progress - please see the community
noticeboards in the Rochester Centre and again on Moodle. Your tutor will be able
to talk through with you individual progression options.
There are many other arts and craft courses on offer at Medway Adult Education.
You may wish to concentrate or develop your skills with a particular medium such as
painting in oils or advanced watercolour for example. The skills learnt on this course
are fully transferable to most courses within creative arts. Your tutor will be happy to
advise you about progression courses, including those offered by other providers.
If you wish to explore your learning, work or career options, you can speak to a fully
trained careers advisor on 0800 100 900. https://nationalcareersservice.direct.gov.uk
If you need further advice please telephone 01634 338400.
Prosp After
In order to get the most out of your course you will need to attend as many sessions as possible. We recommend at least 90%. If you do have a holiday booked during term time, please let the tutor know in advance so that we can help you catch up on missed sessions and ensure that you still achieve the course outcomes. If you are unavoidably ill or unable to attend, please contact 01634 338400 so that we can let your tutor know, and so they can send you any work you may have missed. Prosp Attendance
Use of Information Learning Technology:
Learners are encouraged to use the Medway Adult Education Moodle and Pinterest
sites. Learners may use their own tablet or i-Pad to view or enlarge saved reference
pictures and to share examples of their own work with other learners. Many learners
use digital cameras to record their work or, for inspirational images that they may
later use as a reference. From time to time the tutor may give learners example
websites linked to current theme or activity to extend the knowledge or learning
undertaken in class e.g. an artists website.
Prosp Ictskills
Health and Safety Disclaimer:

By participating in the live class, you accept that you understand that drawing painting/ art involves potentially hazardous tools and equipment and that such activity carries the risk of injury. You understand that it is your responsibility to judge your motor skills and physical ability.

It is your responsibility to ensure that by participating in classes and activities from Medway Adult Education, you will not exceed your limits while performing such activity, and you will select the appropriate level of task for your skills and abilities.
Prosp Health
2.00 hrs per session
15 session(s)