Course Description

Course Description
Do you want to put on an event in a local park to that brings together your community?
Do you have an idea for an outdoor event as part of Medway’s bid to become the City of Culture?

Are you already thinking about how to celebrate Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee?
This year Medway Council is providing FREE Outdoor Events Management Training Courses open to all community and cultural organisations in Medway.

You will gain knowledge on the essentials of delivering a safe, legal, accessible, inclusive and fun event that runs smoothly and is an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.
During the workshop learners are taken on a journey to support their own outdoor event plans covering event planning, understanding and applying for licences, accessibility, sustainability, producing an Events Management Safety Plan, risk assessments, Covid measures, health and safety and learn about your responsibilities as an event organiser.
The course is interactive and provides practical solutions to the many hurdles faced when planning an outdoor event. We’ll provide you with many tips, hints and methods that with you to enable you to successfully plan your outdoor event.
The course is presented by Entity Events Ltd, led by Janice Hunte, who has worked in the events industry for over 25 years as an Events Manager within local authorities and works on freelance projects across the UK.

Prosp Description
Preliminary plans assessing the risks & understanding roles and responsibilities
We will discuss why an event? Should you or shouldn’t you be planning an event? The answer is yes but timing and an understanding how is key to your success. During this session you will also gain a clear idea of the various roles that are required to deliver successful events from public relations and marketing to production and health and safety!
Licensing awareness
Be clear on what the legal requirements are when producing community events. Know when you need a Premises Licence or simply a temporary event notice.
Don’t exclude 18% of your community by ignoring accessibility requirements as part of the everyday planning of your event.
The Events Management Plan
We will look at the key aspects of producing a comprehensive and usable plan/ This is the integral part of the workshop. Understand why it’s your best friend in event delivery! Collectively we will work our way through how to tell the story of your event to those who need to know.
Catering and Drinks
Many small local events love to food share amongst the local community, should you be doing this? Find out the do’s and don’ts!
First Aid Plans
Make sure your covered for the numbers expected and that you have the necessary kit in place.
The site plan
During this session we will look at the pro’s and cons of laying out your site effectively to ensure it flows safely and keeps your vendors happy!
Covid preparedness
Everyone is still dealing with the dreaded C-word. Find out what steps you can take to mitigate against the risk of transmission at your events.
What insurance is necessary for your event

Prosp Learn
This course is suitable for anyone who wants to learn more about putting on events safely and effectively. From people who already have some experience and want to learn more, to complete beginners with dreams of putting on events, from small to large, in their community. From arts organisations and community groups, Brown Owls and bar owners, to parish councils and PTAs. Prosp Suitable
More course content:

Event Production
Effective production planning allows everyone attending or providing facilities to your event to know where they should be with what and when.
Welfare, Lost Children/Safeguarding
Everyone should feel looked after at the event from the team you are working with to those who are potentially vulnerable. Learn how to put in place effective methods to ensure your event welfare takes care of those that you care about.
Emergency Plan
During this session we will explore what can go wrong and the best way to formulate an emergency plan.
It’s more important than ever to ensure the measures you have in place through the planning process assess the environmental impact of your event activities. We will explore the measures we can take to make positive steps in delivering a cleaner, greener event.
Waste Management
We will explore methods to work towards reducing your event waste
Risk Assessment
We will explore what hazards to consider and how to mitigate them when producing a risk assessment ensuring that it’s not onerous but an opportunity to improve the event.

Prosp Anything Else
Multiple days
8.00 hrs per session
2 session(s)